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20 February 1975
London, UK
Jazz, Blues
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1990 - Present

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Here you can have your bio… As much or as little as you want! To the right we can have a link into your albums or singles on iTunes or

How to become listed?

It is completely free to become listed as a featured artist on Festival Archive, it is however at the discretion of the website staff whether you will be accepted. There is no minimum qualifications or entry requirement we are simply looking for artists/bands who are a correct ‘fit’ for our site.

For the time being we will only be listing jazz musicians, jazz vocalists and composers.

To apply to become featured in the ‘Artists’ section, please contact Paul via the contact form or send him and email…

Thank you.


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“The greatest musician in the world” – JAZZ MONTHLY

“A perfect performance from the mystery man…” – JAZZ JAZZ JAZZ

“His playing style is one of pure beauty!” – JAZZ ON THE ROCKS

Interview with You

If somebody has never heard your music before, how would you describe it to them in one sentence?

I value narrative quality, structure, and mood more than style.

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Author: Paul Thomson