Boom Festival 2012 Film – The Alchemy Of Spirit Documentary


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The Boom Festival is a biennial transformational festival in Portugal. The festival features music performances and a broad variety of visual art exhibits.

Boom Festival began in 1997 as a psychedelic trance music festival with a main stage supplemented by a lounge area with chillout music.

Boom has now five stages: the Dance Temple, for psytrance and natural trance music; the Alchemy Circle is for house music; the Sacred Fire stage is for world music and live music performances; the Ambient Source is for chill-out music; the Groovy Beach stage is for electronic dance music dee jays and producers. Other attractions include a sculptures, an art gallery, street theatre, fire performances; the shaded Liminal Village houses lectures, yoga classes, film screenings, group meditation, and discussions; and the Healing Area is a vast zone dedicated to all kind of healing techniques taught in group workshops, including a pool for water therapy and a space to practice massages.

Boom Festival is hosting an opening teaser party in London on the 26th of October 2013. They are coming together with Exilir of Life and hosting the party at Sidings Warehouse, 85a Southwark Bridge, London. – Wikipedia

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December 2nd, 2013

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