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Uprising Reggae Festival is an inseparable part of summer not just for Slovaks, but for the neighbouring nationalities as well. Since its beginning in 2008, Uprising has grown to be the biggest central European festival of reggae music. It made it into the Top 40 European festivals and keeps gaining more and more fans each year. Uprising is by no means a single-theme festival. In two days, the four stages will host genres ranging from reggae through to dancehall, ska, latino or hip-hop, dub, dubstep, ragga-jungle and dnb. At the same time, Uprising Festival is not just about music. It’s a way of life and its visitors may enjoy plenty of side-events. Those, who like competitions, can take part in a football game or a water-bike race. The premises will also hold an exhibition of bikers, U-ramp skaters, a dancehalll workshop; you can practice the energetic capoeira or visit the yoga playground. Street art exhibitions will please the eye and exotic dishes will please the stomach. A big advantage of Zlate Piesky premises is, that it is a natural water reservoir, where you can swim, rent a boat or a water bike, or try out something more extreme – water skiing or wakeboarding. Parents with children are also welcome at the festival; their kids will be taken care of in the kid’s corner.

The name and date od the Uprising Reggae Festival recalls an important event in Slovak history – the Slovak National Uprising. –

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December 7th, 2013

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Author: Paul Thomson