Altitude Jazz Festival

Altitude Jazz Festival 2014
/ Jan
Live Festival Updates:

Altitude Jazz Festival 2014

Briançon, France
Various Locations
44.90197, 6.643268 (View Map)
16 Days (Tue, 24 Jan 2017 - Wed, 08 Feb 2017)
Ticket Price
Free - €23.00
Festival Planned

The Altitude Jazz Festival in Briançon, France is now in it’s 8th year and in 2014 will be hosted from Friday January 24 to Saturday, February 8, 2014 and provide both free and paid concerts in many bars and restaurants spotted all over the valleys and slopes of Briançon, France.

The festival highlights all types of Jazz, sometimes classical, sometimes gypsy, there will be all types of formations from duo to big band, amateur musicians with pros, local musicians international musicians! The 2014 offers a few surprises in the lineup that you’ll definitely not want to miss.


Confirmed Acts to Play at the Altitude Jazz Festival 2014

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Also see the Best of Altitude Jazz Festival (mixed years) playlist.


The Altitude jazz festival has been running since 2007.

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Lineup & Programme

The lineup for the 2014 Altitude Jazz Festival is as follows:

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Artist Info

Falfala Altitude Jazz Festival 2014


(oriental jazz / favorite 2013 / eternal youth)

Jazzbars revelation of the 2013 edition, Falfala has the honor of opening the festival! After a busy year of concerts and a first album in anticipation, Falfala continues its way to the East through an energetic and creative jazz dance has made more than one … Now accompanied by the singer and pianist Greek Kalliroi Raouzeou, Falfala the tone of this curious festival of mountain briançonnais, increasingly demanding, innovative and eclectic.


  • Kalliroi Raouzeou – piano, vocals
  • Alexis Moutzouris – Sax alto, clarinet, bouzouki
  • Lucas Territo – Lower
  • Damien Bernard – Percussion

Falfala Website


( modern jazz / unclassifiable / intoxication of altitude )

DPZ is an irreverent quintet and unclassifiable that embodies all the influences of the French and American music of the twentieth century : English pop , progressive rock, lyricism , trash and ska … Anything goes but jazz is never far away , like a door wide open to improvisation. The whole is crowned with a note of humor and sensitivity ! Notice to curious onlookers .


An irreverent quintet and unclassifiable
to open Elevation Jazz Festival!

DPZ three letters slamming and swinguent to seal the friendship of Thomas Pourquery , saxophonist and singer talented , prolific , crazy , and Daniel Zimmermann , as the slide . The duo hard boppers gradually discover electricity with the arrival in 2005 of Maxime Delpierre , Sylvain Daniel and David Aknin , rhythmic welded block in which the duo soloists interlock perfectly as a winner Tetris.

DPZ embodies all the influences drawn within the various formations where five great musicians ( the MegaOctet Andy Emler , Le Sacre du tympan , Rigolus , Limousine … ), the French and American music of the twentieth century lighthouses rock groups 70s. It is the English Pop in some melodic refinement of progressive rock in the lyrical impulses , Stravinsky , through the trash or ska . But jazz is never far away , whether obvious or mixed with other influences : it brings openness, improvisation and instrumentation. Involved if music is deep and sensitive , not to mention humor protagonists who do not take themselves seriously. Curious onlookers and without blinders , discover quintet on stage out-sized!


  • Thomas Pourquery – alto and soprano saxophones , Vocal
  • Daniel Zimmermann – trombone
  • Maxime Delpierre – guitar
  • Sylvain Daniel – bass
  • David Aknin – drums

DPZ Website

Fanfare La Nostalgie du Futur

( Earth Band / nocturnal groove / comic repetition )

Fanfare La Nostalgie du Futur will debut in the resort of Montgenevre … Listening to their first notes , we’ll know soon if the consistency of the stars is respected and if the sun always shines on the Southern Alps. At best, it will snow.


The mountain restaurant Les Anges is located at the foot of the chairlift Gondrans Montgenevre. It is easily accessible from the top of the gondola Chalmettes.


Adept ritual baths of stars and mountains, The Nostalgia of the Future is a silexorobotique fanfare that anticipates the past in its strongest fortifications. From the slopes to the multi-colored solar hot night trance, these nine musicians spread their magnetic groove – oracle, their mid- howler monkeys mid- robots to the haunting and melodic detour invisible labyrinths joys. But their true identity remains a mystery. Some dare to say that some of these musicians would be willing to dress up and change identity to play in the Altitude Jazz Festival, including the home of his audience is touted to Neptune.

Tchava Genza
Tchava Genza Altitude Jazz Festival 2014

Tchava Genza

(excited gypsy / swing irrepressible / neighbors Gap)

Tchava Genza is a group of gypsy jazz south of the mountains, combining poetry and energy. As descendants of itinerant musicians hanging on the village square to dance all generations. Of songs and standards arranged to express the life and the desire that characterizes this style of music, it will swing severe. Swing and still swing, without limit.

Tchava Genza Website

Oyazz Altitude Jazz Festival 2014


(island jazz / maloya revisited / Equatorial torpor)

After 5 years on the island of Reunion or he discovers what typical pace of the island called maloya Bredar Eric decides to take this blues slaves in his luggage and trains Oyazz group. With its modern jazz harmonies and African roots pulsations if stakeholders, Oyazz opens an original musical track that is heavily tribal improvisations musicians.

Jazz Dining: Complete Meals proposed planks snack depending on the ingredients of the day …


  • Eric Bredar – Piano, Synth
  • Stephane Beveulet – drums
  • Gabriel Fernandez – saxophones
  • Xavier Cortazar – low
Musica Nuda
Musica Nuda Altitude Jazz Festival 2014

Musica Nuda

(jazz border / duo extreme / la vita è bella )

“Only two people , and so much music ! ” Al Jarreau
Imagine meeting Bianca Castafiore and Madonna, and you’ll petulant Magoni Petra , accompanied by Gaston phlegmatic hidden behind his bass Ferruccio Spinetti . These two put music naked, mastering the art of undressing musical works , they belong to the operatic repertoire , jazz, pop and soul , to remember that the very substance cord. Musica Nuda is the art of confronting with humor and complicity in a sensitive musical contest between two extremes: one affected by the sky and brilliantly anachronistic bass voice. Propelled to the rank of international stars , their stage presence is increasingly rare and it’s neighbors they come tonight.


  • Petra Magoni – vocals
  • Ferruccio Spinetti – bass

Musica Nuda Website

Doggone Scat
DOGGONE SCAT Altitude Jazz Festival 2014


(vocal jazz / sparkling / girl power songs)

Back to the Roaring Twenties in the Vauban city! Swing, scat, jazz, French chanson: five multi-instrumentalists play with styles as they play with their carefree and melting like snow in spring vote. Freshness, novelty, eclecticism, it is an entire city that breathes to the rhythm of the festival!


  • Michel Molines – bass, vocals, accordion, guitar
  • Sophie Porret – flute, vocals
  • Mélanie Favre Small Mermet – piano, vocals
  • Clara Cahen – vocals, piano, bass
  • Helene Avice – bass

Doggone Scat Website

Rencontre avec Hum


Occitan fable or rural jazz? Hum group of acolytes are willing to tell you everything, their inspiration words, notes … They may say that the door beads on a daily yesteryear, as a link between the peaks, scrubland and clear waters. Hail the accent …

Hum Altitude Jazz Festival 2014



( Occitan jazz / gasconades / concert perched high )

For an account of an alpine life, simple, made of small things and big things, the heights of Puy Saint André are ideal. Hum decline in Occitan, amid Eastern music, African rhythms and sounds of the Middle East, the sonnets “Passats the time,” Jean -Yves Roier. Some come to hear him sing Occitan, others will listen without understanding the language, just to enjoy the fresco, the melody of the verb and the complicity of talented musicians.


Jazz Dining : After the concert at 20:30 , a full meal is offered with the artists .


Hum performs “Passats the time” the poet Jean -Yves Roier. Table in this alpine life, the author reveals the joys, anxieties, desires, these contemporary. Hum sets to music the tallest carousel color in compositions navigating between East and West, leaving plenty of room for improvisation. Member Hum invent their musical tradition.


  • Loved Bress – Vocals, clarinet
  • Yannick Laurent – Low
  • Vincent Crepin – guitar, bouzouki
  • Christophe Montet – cajon, daf , Tombak , riqq

Hum Website

Breakfast Society
Breakfast Society Altitude Jazz Festival 2014

Breakfast Society


( afrobeat / Fela Kuti revival / dance machine )

Secret society of nine musicians doped energy Fela Kuti, Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra and Mulatu Astake, The Breakfast Society is a well-oiled machine that revisits the legendary Afrobeat scene. She arrives tonight in Serre Chevalier with a great dance machine and keep us awake much of the night.


Breakfeast Society, this is the story of musicians who, at the output of a concert Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, have said it was not that New Yorkers who had the right to laugh. If Afrobeat was not necessarily the musical background of each, it served as a catalyst for musicians seeking an ambitious new project. Few times Budos Band, Mulatu Astake or Withefields Brothers allowed them to become familiar with the Afrobeat wave that is sweeping the United States and England. They have since launched in compositions that reflect the course of each member of the formation (rock, jazz , soul, funk … ) while trying to cope with the rhythmic architecture invented by Tony Allen and Fela Kuti . The result is singular and original at the intersection of music inventor of Afrobeat and the American group 70 as War and Mandrill compositions.


  • Denis Troufléau – keyboards
  • Jeremy Good – tenor saxophone
  • Pierre Paturel – trumpet
  • Jeremy Turpin – baritone saxophone
  • Florian Tillard – trombone
  • Gilles Davenport – guitar
  • Philloons – Low
  • Lucien Chatin – drums
  • James Steward – congas, claves, Shekere

Breakfast Society Website

Samba Jazz Group
Samba Jazz Group Altitude Jazz Festival 2014

Samba Jazz Group


(Brazilian jazz / Rio de Briançon / lesson battery )

This torrid evening begins near Bahia with a sparkling jazz to Brazilian colorations. Samba Jazz Group offers a warm and rhythmic music , under the twirling sticks Zaza Desiderio one of the best drummers of Rio de Janeiro and a regular charismatic artist of the festival! It will be difficult to keep up .


This quintet is the result of the meeting between Zaza Desiderio , drummer – percussionist Rio de Janeiro installed in Lyon since 2010 and Olivier Truchot, must pianist Lyon scene.

They discover musically at various jam sessions in the jazz club Lyon and began playing concerts in duo and trio in these places . The mixture of the two cultures gives a communicative complicity and the public wanting more.

They decide to create SAMBAJAZZ GROUP and involve Bakubama Claude , François Thibaut and Boris Pokora . Together, they mount a directory of fire mixing jazz, Brazilian music and compositions.

Thanks to several residences and numerous concerts , the quintet quickly finds a sound and identity.


  • Zaza Desiderio – Drums , percussion
  • Olivier Truchot – piano , fender rhodes
  • Boris Pokora – saxophones, flute, clarinet
  • François Thibaut – guitar
  • Claude Bakubama – bass, bass

Samba Jazz Group Website

Ray Lema & Very Special New Productions Quintet
Ray Lema & Very Special New Productions Quintet Altitude Jazz Festival

Ray Lema & Very Special New Productions Quintet

(Africa / jazz color / merge continents)

After Brazil and a few hours later, you will cross the Atlantic: Welcome to Central Africa in Ray Lema! The famous pianist is back in Briançon with Very Special New Quintet Productions. Surrounded by great international musicians, Ray Lema ventured into harmonic subtleties of Western music with strong spicy flavors of the African continent.


  • Ray Lema – piano
  • Swaeli Mbappe – Low
  • Irving Acao – saxophone
  • Sylvain Gontard – trumpet
  • Nicolas Vicarro – drums

Ray Lema & Very Special New Productions Quintet Website

Les Georgettes
Les Georgettes Altitude Jazz Festival 2014

Les Georgettes

(poetic-musical spectacle / 100% local / Boris Vian us)

At home tonight after a world tour, The Georgettes show their stuff “And wham v’la of Vian”. Simply beautiful blooming Briançonnaises, musicians with a little dog and a bit of poetry to make you into this world apart. Combining reading, theater and music, Georgettes revisit texts Boris Vian story to make you a new ear to hear.

Passport Quartet & Raphaël Imbert
Passport Quartet & Raphaël Imbert Altitude Jazz Festival 2014

Passport Quartet & Raphaël Imbert

(old jazz / stars briançonnaise / special guest)

Passport Jazz Quartet door in Briançon for many years. Their repertoire revisits the standards and hard bop years-hop and more, turning tonight Babylon Space club dark and obscure jazz. These accomplices invite tonight saxophonist Raphael Imbert, composer, improviser unusual, conductor and creative visionary. The meeting will be amazing.


  • Jean-Bernard Oury – Trumpet
  • Raphaël Imbert – saxophones
  • Jean-Michel Orcel – Piano
  • Stéphane Massé – Bass
  • Alain Antoni – Battery

Passport Quartet & Raphaël Imbert Website

Exquisite Altitude Jazz Festival 2014


(jazz -pop / talent / Cervieres center of the world )

Yet endearing discovery side Cervieres : a young band from Lyon , Exquisite , playing with styles and navigates freely between jazz, nu-soul of Erykah Badu and stakeholders atmospheres Portishead and Archive. With a beautiful feminine and sensual voice, the band likes to muddy the waters and lost in the maze of current influences. A treat.


Exquisite was formed in March 2012, around four musicians united by the desire for a hybrid music, at the intersection of pop , jazz , soul and ambient . Their repertoire focuses on the compositions of the singer Clémentine Vacher, arranged by Bastien Cozon (piano / keyboards), Jordy Martin ( bass) and Alex Lefko (drums / electronics ). Love songs that approach the extreme environments with minimal lyrical flights , outlining the delicate fresco of human emotions. After recording an EP 4 tracks in spring 2013 , the group is increasingly present on Lyon scenes ( Ninkasi , Sirius , La Marquise , The Tripe … ) and continues on his way, a strong new directory where it expands its electronic influences.


  • Alex Lefko – drums
  • Vacher Clementine – vocals
  • Jordy Martin – bass
  • Bastien Cozon – keyboards

Exquisite Website

Guillaume Perret & The Electric Epic
Guillaume Perret & The Electric Epic - Altitude Jazz Fest 2014

Guillaume Perret & The Electric Epic

(Experimental / Avant-garde / volcanic eruption)

At the helm of his cyber-tenor sax driven by a floor pedal, Guillaume Perret Electric Epic captain of his Quartet, transports us into a stunning visual and aural spectacle. The confines of a multisensory universe made of frenzied improvisations and striking reminders, near a jazz universe transgender exhilarating influences master New York John Zorn are felt. Attention theater Briançon will be at the epicenter of telluric vibrations …


  • Guillaume Perret – Electrical saxophones, effects, management and composition
  • Phillipe Bussonnet – Low
  • Jim Grandcamp – guitar
  • Yoann Serra – drums, sampler, machinery

Guillaume Perret & The Electric Epic Website

Voodoo Quartet
Voodoo Quartet Altitude Jazz Festival 2014 - France

Voodoo Quartet

(Cuban / Rumba / maraboutage)

Forget winter, forget the snow and cold. Bewitching, enchanting and wickedly dancing, Voodoo Quartet offers what Africa and the islands more mysterious. Rumba possessed maloya unleashed, merengue ruthless, everything is punctuated by four musicians maraboutés: Thierry Jasmin Banaré (Salif Keita, St Germain, …), Elie Dufour (EYM trio), Mathieu Manach (Esperanto, Electrophazz) and Hadrian Santos da Silva (Suissa, Grabben Orchestra).

Imagine a jazzman possessed by a demon Creole. Quartet armed to the teeth. Choirs, respond rise. The drummer, ti bwa spoke. The piano song called poetry, art of drum called trance. Martinican Bele maloya Reunion, Cuban rumba or a soft ballad? Concert or ceremony?

Les Têtes de Linettes
Les Têtes de Linettes Altitude Jazz Festival

Les Têtes de Linettes

(faceted jazz / poetry alpine / uninhibited trio)

Between laughter and tears, between poetry and delirium, between rap, bossa, funk, waltz and yogurt, especially in English and in French, the heads Linettes not even afraid! They invite us into their world at the rate of three voices intertwine, three personalities that challenge, compositions of all styles, an original instrumental dressing, choruses a cappella … 
 A surprising and exciting concert!

Free admission.


  • Floriane Denarie – vocals, piano, trombone
  • Fanette Bonnet – vocals, guitar
  • Julie Buttolo – vocals, clarinet, percussion

Les Têtes de Linettes Website

Soirée Fanfares ! Fanfare JPPJP

The legendary and indispensable party in the middle of the festival is exported to the room Dome! No less than 30 musicians will mingle, clash, entremusiquer is limitless. It gives them carte blanche.

Fanfare JPPJP
(fanfare fanfare / makeover / advised by Miles Davis)
“Oh my god! Who are they?” exclaimed Miles Davis during the Elevation Jazz Festival 2014.

Brass, wood and stretched skin, JPPJP is a collective of 14 musicians, united behind the desire to become immensely wealthy friends for life and world famous. Parties to make a name for the new York, they soon tired of the bland atmosphere of urban giant. Finally, it is in the Briançon they chose to bounce in a more promising framework …

Jazz Dining: Complete Meals proposed planks snack depending on the ingredients of the day …

Soirée Fanfares ! Ceux Qui Marchent Debout

The legendary and indispensable party in the middle of the festival is exported to the room Dome! No less than 30 musicians will mingle, clash, entremusiquer is limitless. It gives them carte blanche.

Those Who Walk Upright
(international funk / fanatics uncontrollable / concert to 200 km / h)

It no longer exists Those Who Walk Standing sponsors modern bands, groovers and tireless globetrotters licensed (30 countries visited). After 19 years of career, 8 albums and more than 1000 concerts, CQMD are still dancing the planet. Funk is their style. Their show, fun and energetic, scattered raids in public is always a delight for dancers worldwide.

Repas concert avec Duo Beijo

A guitar, a voice is essential. An intimate duo revisits some of the finest standards of bossa-samba and other rhythms Nordestino the most original compositions.
Their interpretation is an invitation to travel. A tribute to Tom, Joao Caetano, Vinicius and many others.


  • Fafa Carioca – vocals
  • As e-Tan Duduzinho Ganza – guitar, cavaquinho

Repas concert avec Duo Beijo Website

Twin Shox

( rythm’n’blues / gospel / duo )

After scouring the blues -rock scenes of France and Navarre, both marathoners live Twin Shox will ignite the Monday evening festival . In this new project , Zaza Morgante and Mickey Snack digested years of travel and musical wanderings to refine an original formula made ​​rythm’n’blues , soul and electro. A perfect blend combining gospel roots and current trends.

Zaza Morgante begins with gospel and blues in the mid seventies and traveled in Europe, Asia , Brazil, Peru, South Africa and Canada . During all these events , it creates puppet shows in which she sings, sometimes accompanied by his guitar. On his return in 1995 , it addresses the musical in a company in Marseilles.

In the late seventies , Mickey Snack quickly propelled rock scenes of the hexagon and beyond, officiating at the bottom with Starshooter group. It alternates between touring and recording in the studio. A separation of the group , he played in Paris as a studio musician for various artists and multiplies the musical encounters in other formations. In the nineties , he composes and arranges music for documentary films related to trades and skills , it is also the source of sound creating animated shorts .

They later found both among the blues rock scene with Black Ducks and electro funk with Digital Ducks.

All these musical influences led them to form the universe rythm’n’blues electro soul Twin Shox (literally double hit ) mixing the gospel roots and current trends.


  • Zaza Morgante – vocals
  • Mickey Snack – coffee machines

Twin Shox Website

Trois Jours

(tribute to Billie Holiday / jazz at the root / made in 05)

Three Days is a fresh formation born this summer in the Hautes-Alpes at the Jazz festival in Serres. Three Days, as a long musical journey to discover the incredible singer Billie Holiday and pioneers of jazz. Bass, guitar, crystalline voice invites us to pluck some of the finest jazz standards of the 30s, finesse and subtlety.

Ce Monde Autour De Moi

( show family / taste in music / future vocations )

This is the story of Yaya , a nurse who was traveling around the world thanks to the songs she was collecting for children in his neighborhood . In this public – performing young , Marion Rampal sings beautifully rhymes worldwide. Perrine Mansuy accompanying piano with François Cordas saxophones and percussion . Instruments, vocals and diverted objects are sources of improvisations to revive the music of our childhood dreams . Adults allowed!


Brother Jacques to Colchiques in meadows through Duerme Negrito , musicians interpret these rhymes in the style of jazz standards , inviting children to familiarize themselves with improvisation, interaction and groove . Many lullabies and nursery rhymes magic who encouraged , comforted and helped to grow …

Music: original compositions and arrangements of nursery rhymes in the world.
Text : Valérie Baranski / Directed by: Juliette Marre


  • Marion Rampal – Song
  • Perrine Mansuy – Piano
  • François Cordas – saxophones , percussion

Ce Monde Autour De Moi Website

Arat Kilo

( Ethio -groove / dub captivating tours / Abyssinia )

New French star of Ethiopian jazz , six Arat Kilo Parisians are breath of fresh air on Abyssinia. Mastering perfectly the codes of Ethio -jazz and intelligently combining dub, funk and even hip- hop , a deaf and mesmerizing pulse will capsize the Babylon space time a crazy night .

Arat Kilo is a Parisian group consisting since 2008 5 musicians whose repertoire mainly affects the Ethio -Jazz . They realize their debut album A Night in Abyssinia in 2011 with guest Rokia Traoré, Mulatu Astake and Socalled . Arat Kilo revisits the Ethio -Jazz , genre invented in Addis Ababa in the 70s . A fascinating blend of traditional Ethiopian music , funk and jazz , an evening hot and steamy scenes with a groove that will ears and legs wearing wide awake …


  • Fabien Girard – guitar, balafon
  • Michael Havard – saxophones, flute
  • Aristide Goncalves – trumpet
  • Samuel Hirsch – bass, kalimba
  • Arnold Turpin – drums, melodica
  • Gerald Bonnegrace – congas , bongos

Arat Kilo Website


( klezmer foot to the floor / Gypsy Without Borders / vagabonds evening )

Gadjenko is a combination of five musicians arsonists strong tempers . They offer a musical journey inspired freely different Gypsy and Gypsy cultures. Acoustic music, nomad and vagabond who pushes boundaries. Their concert , funny and poetic is a departure for an “elsewhere ” , alternating smooth and fast paced!

The five musicians Gadjenko are found in late 2008 to create around the flamenco style . Around this first work, they naturally come to compose arrangements Gypsy , gypsy and klezmer traditional themes they discovered through other formations.
Gadjenko takes pleasure to assimilate the material and inject all its influences. And around sometimes known tunes of all , sometimes exhumed from the directory, the quintet adds accents of jazz, rock, classical , groove.

The group says its artistic direction : miscegenation Without Borders as a pretext for creation.

Gadjenko Website

Jub Electric Trio

(latin-jazz / funk / drink Extending)

The three musicians Jub Electrik grind Trio jazz themes according to the desire of the moment, constantly bringing new ideas into their game, trying to surprise the listeners’ ears but also their feet! Hancockien funk-jazz, latin-jazz in Corea or maloya Reunion sauce, Jub Electrik trio plays music with this colorful hallmarks of genre, groove and energy. A drink that promises endless …


  • Julien Gimbert – Lower
  • Frédéric Girard – Battery
  • Eric Bredar – Piano, Synth
Charlie & The Soap Opera

( gods soul / funk furious / friends to Jamiroquai )

Once bewitched by James Brown, Prince and Aretha Franklin met Charlie & The Soap Opera inspired blithely their spiritual ancestors to ignite dancefloors without soul and funk supercharged demon possessed . New group, new place , be curious !


We’re in Lyon in January 2011 , pianist , singer and composer Remi
Tchango decides to go training . He then appealed to old friends and foam cafés -concerts in Lyon , where he
meet musicians at jam sessions . He manages to quickly
find partners who , by their common passion for music
soul, rock and funk provide a solid and determined team .

The band plays music very quickly of its own , inspired by the great icons of the soul and the “Old School ” music (Ray Charles , Bill Withers, Aretha Franklin … ), but also more modern artists such as Jamiroquai , Prince, Raphael Saadiq …

Live , Charlie leads the dance . Eccentric character
top hat, he passes the piano in front of the stage in a flash, then the audience is immersed in the dense universe and warm with a supercharged soul , sometimes angry , sometimes melancholic . All compositions of the group are transmitted with a warm and energetic sound that makes sense when Charlie and the Soap Opera finds himself on stage.


  • Remi Tchangodei – vocals, keyboards
  • Julian January – guitar , backing vocals
  • Roman Langlais – saxophones, vocals
  • Thomas Seyssel – trumpet, vocals
  • Florian Pigache – Low
  • Alex Lefko – drums
  • Vacher Clementine – vocals

Charlie & The Soap Opera Website

les Fils Canouche

(gypsy jazz offset / instigators of musical disorders / old acquaintances)

Made Winter Sons Canouche ambassadors recognized a quirky and creative to the French jazz, back on familiar ground to heat the room without pumps … Gypsy. A big night is still posting to Névache.


  • Xavier Margogne – guitar
  • Benoit Piquet – bass
  • Mathieu Quelen – guitar
  • Johann Guihard – Saxophones Soprano & Alto, Cajon
  • Rodrigo Fernandes – accordion

les Fils Canouche Website

Marian Badoi Trio

( gypsy music / Prom Névachie / surprise guests )

The room is already hot when Marian Badoi happen … This Romanian virtuoso accordion with his shoulder, will be accompanied by two fingers of Man , Olivier Kikteff and Tanguy Blum. Marian Badoi Trio is a strong and original project , deeply attached to his gypsy and Romanian roots. Nothing like setting fire to the room.

Music knows sometimes surprise us, “pick” , move us to the depths : Marian Badoi sublime Gypsy accordionist , gifted musician, brings out his fingers the magic of one of the most beautiful music in the world. It forms the Marian Badoi Trio Olivier Kikteff , guitarist ” Fingers of Man” and Tanguy Blum, bassist of the group .

The project combines the gypsy jazz with gypsy authenticity provided by Marian and beautiful improvisations : gifted musicians in the service of a strong and original project. Marian kept his gypsy soul, and this virtuoso accordionist remains deeply attached to his Romanian roots.

Marian Badoi Trio is for all those who love music alternately joyful and serious , deep and uncompromising .


  • Marian Badoi – accordion
  • Olivier Kikteff – Guitar
  • Tanguy Blum – Bass

Marian Badoi Trio Website

Swing Singers

It is now over 10 years Fabienne Zaoui and Didier Normand, musicians
professionals, had this desire to create a little crazy this jazz choir Marseille. Unique
its kind, it allows an amateur public to learn about music and practice
voice too often seen as elitist. He writes, directs it, the idea is appealing and so the adventure begins.

Omar Sosa & The Afri-Electric Experience

(Afro- Cuban / jazz mixed / fence dream )

The master Omar Sosa will close the festival . Cuban pianist , as a migratory bird, part in the meeting playful Afro-Caribbean and Latin jazz rhythms. Along with the Afri -Electric Quintet, he crosses Cuba , Africa and America to give us a spicy version very roots deeply ” African ” , one of the most famous – and arguably the most beautiful – album of the history of jazz, the very famous Kind Of Blue by Miles Davis.

On stage, Omar is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for musicians with his dynamic play brothers and his taste for improvisation. His charisma makes his concerts rare moments of spontaneity , worthy of a great evening end festival.


Omar Sosa ‘s music is unique. He incorporates elements of Afro-Cuban jazz , remains deeply committed to the folk traditions of the African diaspora , and remains curious to explore new horizons beyond all stylistic divisions . It offers a playful mixture of jazz and Afro- Caribbean rhythms , combining percussive forays inside the piano and a series of electronic effects with his inspired piano playing and passionate. Freely while changing room , he treats with irresistible claves Latin jazz , without forgetting to add some experimental touches to surprise his listeners. Project in tribute to Kind Of Blue ordered by the Barcelona Jazz Festival, Omar Sosa is interested in a musical work and its ancestors. With Eggun (” spirits of our ancestors ‘ language Ifa ) project , he revisits the very famous ” Kind of Blue ” by Miles Davis compositions and sound modal colors of the great master.


  • Omar Sosa – piano , fender rhodes
  • Leandro Saint- Hill – saxophone
  • Joo Kraus – trumpet
  • Mark Gilmore – drums
  • Childo Tomas – bass

Omar Sosa & The Afri-Electric Experience Website

Electro Canouche Orchestra

(electro / swing crazy / this is the end)

Parallel project, 100% crazy and festive Sons Canouche, 5 friends have reached a milestone: breaking the codes of electro swing, The Electro Canouche Orchestra merges its talented acoustic musicians to the creativity of an old school DJ. Between Caravan Palace, Chinese Man and Shantel, the mustache spirit and red corked promises an evening of enjoyable and electric fence.


  • Dj Slade – machinery
  • Johann Guihard – saxophones
  • Xavier Margogne – guitar
  • Benoit Piquet – bass
  • Mathieu Quelen – guitar

Electro Canouche Orchestra Website

what do you think of this years lineup?


Tickets for the 2014 Altitude Jazz Festival range from FREE – €23.00 depending on the artist you see.

Tickets can be purchased online here or can be bought in person from the Briancon Tourist Office, Serre Chevalier and Montgenevre, Briançon and the Theatre. Tickets are also available for purchase at the door of the event.

Please help secure the future of this event by sharing on your social media channels. It only takes 2 seconds and with your support we can increase exposure of the event, boost ticket sales, attract more festival-goers and organize better festivals for the future. We need your support, if you can, please help. Thank you.


Serre Chevalier valley Map

Serre Chevalier valley Map

The Altitude Jazz Festival takes place each year in and around the Serre Chevalier valley and the Montgenevre resort.

Specific venues and performing acts can be found in the ‘Lineup & Programme’ section above.

Flights & Transportation

The closest Airport to Briançon is Torino / Caselle International Airport (TRN). Distance from Briançon to Torino / Caselle International Airport is 85.4 kilometers (53.1 miles).

Other airports close to Briançon, France:

Airport Iata code Distance (km) Distance (miles)
Torino / Caselle International Airport TRN 85,4 53,1
Cuneo / Levaldigi Airport CUF 86,4 53,7
Chambéry-Savoie Airport CMF 101,9 63,3
Aosta Airport AOT 109,0 67,7
Grenoble-Isère Airport GNB 115,8 72,0
Annecy-Haute-Savoie-Mont Blanc Airport NCY 122,4 76,1
Nice-Côte d’Azur Airport NCE 145,4 90,3
Villanova D’Albenga International Airport ALL 150,7 93,6
Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport LYS 152,8 95,0
Cannes-Mandelieu Airport CEQ 153,1 95,1

Currently 12 airlines fly into Torino / Caselle International Airport (list of airlines here). To get the best flight deals I would use SkyScanner‘s official search widget below.

Transport options from Torino / Caselle International Airport to Briançon, France:


The public taxi rank is located on the left at the exit of the Arrivals level.
The taxi fare is about €30-€50 to reach Downtown Turin, and the travel time is approximately 30 minutes.

Show Train, Bus & Car Rental Information


A railway links the airport to Turin “GTT Dora Railway Station” in 19 minutes. The airport railway station is located few metres away from the air terminal.

Train departures are every 30 minutes: from 5:03am to 23:08pm to the airport and from 5:04am to 21:03pm to Turin.

Turin GTT Dora Railway Station is connected to the city centre by public transport.

Journey time: 19 min.
Tickets are sold at the ticket office (Ricevitoria) in the Arrival lounge

For information and timetable confirmation:

GTT: ph. +39 011.2165352 – 800/019152


Car Rental

Auto Europa

Since 1963, Sicily by Car /Auto Europa has been the leading car hire company in Sicily.

Today Sicily by Car/Auto Europa has expanded throughout the whole of Italy under the brand Auto Europa, launched in 1997, and boasts a fleet of over 3,000 vehicles, all latest models, fully air-conditioned with radio/tape, and a network of over 45 offices throughout the most important Italian cities, covering the major airports and the most requested tourist locations.

ph. +39 091.6390111


Avis Rent A Car System, Inc. and its subsidiaries operate the world’s second largest general-use car rental business, providing business and leisure customers with a wide range of services at more than 1,700 locations in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Latin American/Caribbean region.
Avis is recognized as the industry leader in applying new technologies and is one of the world’s top brands for customer loyalty.

ph +39 011.4701528
Budget Car Hire

Simplicity, clarity and value and a full range of solutions to your travel requirements. Budget combines the strength of one of the world’s biggest brands together with the detailed local knowledge, flexibility and great value for money you need. Our global network includes more than 2,700 locations, operating a wide range of cars and vans in more than 115 countries. As our name suggests, we have always been synonymous with great value for money. Budget is waiting for you at Turin airport in the Arrivals lounge, in front of the exit, with flexible, convenient and affordable solutions to your mobility needs.

ph. +39 011.9963393


Europcar, offers a wide range of products and services that represent the best solutions for any mobility needs. Book your car right now…

ph +39 011.5678048


Car rental, the largest and best known of Hertz’ activities, is conducted from approximately 1,900 locations in the United States and from approximately 5,100 international locations. Hertz offers a wide choice of current-model cars on a short-term rental basis — daily, weekly or monthly — at airports, in downtown and suburban business centres, and in residential areas and tourist resorts.

ph +39 011.567.8166


LocautoRent Autonoleggio Tirreno, after 30 years of activity, turns into LocautoRent S.p.A., becoming a company of the Locauto Group.

The two companies of the group can satisfy all car rental requirements: Locauto S.p.A. is a leader in long term rental, LocautoRent is a leader in short term rental for cars and cargo vans.

tel. +39 800/833328


Thanks to its great experience in the Italian rent-a-car market, the Maggiore Group has built a solution network system to meet every customer’s needs.

Two companies (Maggiore Rent and Maggiore Fleet) have been created following the mission to offer the right answer to all customers “on the move”.

ph. +39 011.4701929

Sixt/ Rent a Car

Welcome to SIXT rent a car. We are an international vehicle rental company offering car hire and van hire in 3,500 locations across 90 countries. We offer a wide range of vehicles from a small economy car to a large family saloon car or 7 Seater People Carrier. The SIXT fleet offers a comprehensive choice of car hire, van hire and even a limousine hire service to satisfy every customer need.

ph. +39 011.5670105




The SADEM bus service between the city centre and Turin Airport has several stops enroute including Porta Nuova railway station, Porta Susa railway station, via Stradella 242/245, Borgaro and Caselle city centre.

One-way fare: Euro 6.50 (+0.50 € aboard). Euro 5.00 with TORINO+PIEMONTE CARD
Journey time: 45/50 minutes.
Passengers are kindly requested to buy their ticket before getting on the bus.

For information and timetable confirmation visit SADEM Bus Shuttle or call ph. +39 011.3000611

The Porta Nuova and Porta Susa FS railway stations are linked, directly or by bus transfer, to the Piedmontese (Sestriere, Sauze d’Oulx, Cesana, Sansicario, Claviere, Bardonecchia, Pragelato, Pinerolo, Limone Piemonte) and French ski resorts (Montgenevre, Briançon/Serre Chevalier).


Departure location:
Porta Nuova Railway Station, corso Vittorio Emanuele II n. 57/A
Porta Susa Railway Station, corso Bolzano in front D Exit of the station

From 5.15 to 23.30
Download timetable

Bars nearby the bus terminal and aboard (+ Euro 0.50 extra-charge)


Departure location:
Arrival level

From 6.10 to midnight
Download timetable

The ticket office (Ricevitoria) and ticket machine in the Arrival lounge; aboard (+ Euro 0.50 extra-charge)



TERRAVISION provides coach services between Turin Airport and Turin City Centre, with stops strategically located at the heart of the city:

Turin Lingotto Railway Station.
Via G. Bruno 29.
Torino Esposizioni. Casale 42.
Via Botticelli 217.
Via Botticelli/angolo Piazza Rebaudengo.
Turin Airport – Arrival level

Journey time

One-way Euro 5.50 Return Euro 9.50

Children (5-12 years)
One-way Euro 4.00 Return Euro 8.00

Young Children (0-4 years)

NEW RETURN ticket (two way A/R) Euro 9.50 (promo discount). From 09/20/2013 Terravision tickets will be available at Turin Airport desk and all Terravision sales points.

Service frequency
Frequent departures all day. For more details check out the Timetable.

For more information visit


The cheapest accommodation options I could find in and around Briançon, France during the festival period (Late January/Early February) are shown below (Click HERE for a complete list):

*** Hotel prices rise exponentially as you get closer to the festival dates. Book early to avoid disappointment. ***

Hotels Combined

If you are on a super shoe-string budget then search HostelWorld and get a bed in Briançon for as little as €42.50!

I would recommend checking Briançon hotel reviews on TripAdvisor prior to placing any booking. Alternatively, why don’t you try something different and rent someones apartment during the festival period at AirBnB?! Click here for a free £15 credit towards your first booking!


We currently have not been able to interview anybody at the Altitude Jazz Festival, if you work for the festival and would like to answer a few questions for this section of your listing, please contact me so that we can get something arranged, thank you.

If you require any further information on this festival or would like to leave a message for others then please use the comments section below.

NB. You also find photo gallerieslive festival newstransport information in the tabbed section below. All festival listings are changing continuously, check back regularly.

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Heart of Festival
Train Station
Bus Station
Subway Station

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