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Jazz in Duketown 2014
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Jazz in Duketown 2014

's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
51.689931, 5.303196 (View Map)
4 Days (Tue, 06 Jun 2017 - Fri, 09 Jun 2017)
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Jazz in Duke Town is the largest free jazz festival in Netherlands, it’s an open air festival hosted in the town of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands during Pentecost (public holiday). Now in its 41st year the festival attracts 10’s of thousands of people to the center of Den Bosch to see musical performances from both national and international acts.

Jazz in Duke Town is organized entirely by volunteers, about 40 in total. During the festival, this number grows to about 150 volunteers. Together they make 40 years of Jazz in Duketown a success!


It was 1962, seven fine Friday summer evenings on the market with a street parade and a jam session, finally, organized by the tourist office in Den Bosch. Jazz in Duke Town is born! Nine years later, the jazz festival gets a new name: “Den Bosch of music.” Jazz is not gone, and so is part of this festival. In 1974 the name Jazz comes in Duketown back into play. The event, Commissioner of the tourist gets help from Bossche jazz club The cockatoo. In place of the seven evenings the three days. Over time, there is not just traditional jazz discussed with Dutch jazz formations.

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In 1977 the stage at the Casino Theatre is part of the program “At the Duke Jazzband Ball”. And the rest of the program of this three-day jazz festival was filled with big names including: Jacques Probert, Art Blakey, Max Collie, Dave Pochenet, Fats Sadi, the Banko Dixieland Seven Seventy Five, Passe Partout and Flash Back. Every year the event is bigger and there are several items at. For “Jazz in Duke Town in Premiere ‘in 1979, there is already a” The beer at Jazz at Duke Town. ” Also this year there are again known names on the agenda: Cousin Joe, Bog Friends, Frits Katee Quartet and Martin Hook Quartet. The rise of the children’s jazz festival in the following year are also the children involved in this festival in a creative way.

Jazz festival 2010
After standing for several years with big names on the program is on February 26, 1982 the organization Jazz in Duketown an independent foundation. A great responsibility in the hands of a small group of enthusiastic volunteers who know how to make. Jazz festival a great success The same year enters the Big Band Den Bosch for the first time and is a tradition that is still preserved there. Three years later, there’s even a private award that will be presented during the opening night: the Duke of Duke Town Award. This award is of course given to the founder of the Jazz Festival in Den Bosch: Jan Bruens.

The year is 2001 and the venues in the city of Den Bosch will be divided into six different currents: International, Funk and Dance, Improvisations, Blues and Roots, Traditional and World Music, each with its own style and atmosphere!

Ultimately, the jazz festival in Den Bosch is one of the largest open-air jazz festivals in the Netherlands, every year more visitors. Every year at Pentecost are known jazz musicians with unknown talent programming this free jazz festival and create atmosphere and socializing in the Bossche both outside and in the various cafes, where hundreds of thousands of people go to get off!

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Lineup & Schedule

The 2014 Jazz in Duketown lineup has been partially released and is shown below.

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  • Atanga Boom! – 7 June
  • Bl3ender – 7 June
  • Larry Graham & Graham Central Station – 8 June
  • Crescent Double Quartet – 8 June
  • De Ploctones – 8 June
  • The Cool Quest – 8 June
  • Anne Stockman Quartet – 8 June
  • Esther van Hees Quartet – 8 June
  • Vlek – 8 June
  • Bradley’s Circus – 8 June

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There are no tickets for the 2014 Jazz in Duketown festival as it is a completely FREE event.


s-Hertogenbosch Map

s-Hertogenbosch Map

The Jazz in Duketown festival is held at 10 different venues in the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch where one can enjoy some 80 different concerts in all different jazz styles. All concerts are free.

Main venues for this years fest:

Parade | Markt | Kerplein | Karrenstraat | Uilenburg | De Toonzaal


We currently have not been able to interview anybody at the Jazz in Duketown festival, if you work for the festival and would like to answer a few questions for this section of your listing, please contact me so that we can get something arranged, thank you.


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