Kids Jazz L.E. Festival

Kids Jazz L.E. Festival 2014
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Kids Jazz L.E. Festival 2014

Leipzig, Germany
Augustusplatz 9a, MDR orchestra hall
51.336524, 12.383305 (View Map)
3 Days (Tue, 07 Mar 2017 - Thu, 09 Mar 2017)
Ticket Price
€4 (children) - €8 (adult)
Festival Planned

The Kids Jazz L.E. Festival is one of the only dedicated children’s jazz festivals in the world, hosted in Leipzig, Germany. Now in it’s 5th year, and for the first time ever, the festival will be host to international acts as well as acts from around Germany.

Whilst still a very ‘localized’ event, this festival is for a very good cause and should be attended if you can make it. Young musicians are the future of jazz and should be encouraged wherever possible. Whilst all the performers are 16 years or younger, for the most part, they are VERY talented (see the videos below)!

This year the expected turnout is 800 people hosted over 3 days, starting at around 17:00 on Friday. The festival also has additional workshops which anyone can attend, see below for more info, advanced booking required.

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Video Highlights of the Kids Jazz L.E (mixed years)

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Lineup & Schedule

The 2014 Kids Jazz L.E. Festival lineup is shown below. Check back regularly for further updates or you can Updates via Facebook or ⇩ subscribe to lineup notifications ⇩

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Funtime Band (D, Berlin)
SWIM Quartet (Rußland, Rostov)
Andrey Stetsiuk (Ukraine, Kiev)
The Jazzkids (D, Leipzig)
Pavel Zykov (Belarus, Minsk)
Marimba Ensemble
Junior Bigband (D, Leipzig)
Deichstadtkids (D, Neuwied am Rhein)
Catherine & Arthur (Lithuania, Vilnius)
Westsidechillers (D, Delmenhorst)
SAW band


Kinderbigband des Vogtlandkonservatorium
Andrei Stetsiuk
SAW band


Junior Bigband
Kotryna & Arturas
Marimba Ensemble

Ultimate Jazz
Pavel Zykov


Funtime Band
Kotryna & Arturas
Andrei Stetsiuk
Marimba Ensemble


“Best of Festival”

Artist Info

Funtime Band (D, Berlin)
Pasche Funtime Band

Pasche Funtime Band

The “Funtime Band”, an ensemble of the Music School City West, led by Christof Griese was founded in 2010. It has the 11th Youth Jazz Contest “Kids in Concert” and will be the first band to perform. The junior competition for children and youth jazz bands from Berlin and Brandenburg was held in the community center Lichtenrade on 16/06/2012. As a first Price has the 9-piece band won a jazz workshop.

Sebastian Steen – tp (b. 2-02)
Leo piece – as (b. 3-00)
Ludwig Muthmann – as (b. 12-98)
Laszlo Griese – tb (b. 1-98)
Eric Less – g (b. 3-98)
Tim Göttmann – b (b. 5-97)
Anton Carl – dr (b. 8-99)

SWIM (Rußland, Rostov)
SWIM Quartet

SWIM Quartet

The S.W.I.M. Quartet was founded in 2009 in Rostov-on-Don in Russia by the students of Kim Nazaretov Music School. The band name is derived from the initials of the band members. These are Sergey Nikitin on alto saxophone, Wlad Danilin at the piano, Mikhail Voeykov Jr. on bass and Ilya Blazh on drums. The strip conductor Andrey Machnev is a jazz saxophonist and teacher and plays even in the “New Centropezn Jazz Quartet”. The ensemble S.W.I.M. has participated in various festivals and competitions and won several Grand Prix in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. 2012 has participated in the International Children’s Festival “Iguazu en concierto” in Argentina, the Quartet, and shortly afterwards at the Jazz Festival “Langnau Jazz Nights” in Switzerland.

Andrey Stetsiuk (Ukraine, Kiew)
Andrey Stetsiuk (Ukraine, Kiew)

Andrey Stetsiuk (Ukraine, Kiew)

Andrey Stetsiuk, born on 18 September 2000, Kiev, Ukraine.

  • Children’s Music School No. 4 named Dimitri Shostakovich. Subjects: piano, jazz improvisation.
  • Specialist teachers of improvisation Alexsej Proschtschenkow .
  • Participate in jazz festivals and competitions:
  • 1st, 2nd , 3rd, 4th International Festival “OKeschkin Jazz” (2010 2011 , 2012, 2013), Kiev
  • XII Ukrainian festival “Winter Jazz Meeting” called Ewgenij Dergunov (2013);
  • International Festival “Jazz Parnas”, St. -Petersburg (2013);
  • Winners of the VI . and VII Ukrainian Competition ” melodies and Ritmen of jazzes “
  • Kiev (2011 , 2013)
  • Winner of the First Ukrainian Competition “Jazz Debüte” ( 2013).
  • Winner of the II , III International Children’s jazz competition “VinnytsiaJazzFest” ( 2012.2013 )
  • Winner of the Fifth international competition of young jazz players
  • “Kaliningrad City Jazz”, Kaliningrad (2012).

His repertoire includes works by Bill Evans, Dave Brubeck, Bud Powell, Michel Petrucciani and own jazz compositions.

The Jazzkids (D, Leipzig)
The Jazz Kids

The Jazz Kids

“The Jazz Kids” are probably the youngest jazz band from Leipzig. Your teammate Anton Bräuer (Tpt.), Celina Swat (Sax), Eva lacerations (Voc., Sax), Julius Kronfeld (Dr.), Emilian Tsubaki (Bg) and Christian Hartung (piano) are between 11 and 13 years old. They found themselves under the direction of Reiko Brockelt in the Leipzig school band in October 2011 together. A month later you could experience this young band to the University Music Festival in Leipzig.

Other highlights was the appearance at the international competition “Swinging Saxonia” and the 4th Kids Jazz L. E.

Pavel Zykov (Weißrußland, Minsk)
Pavel Zykov

Pavel Zykov

Pavel Zykov was born on 28.07.2000 in Minsk. At the age of 6 he started recorder lessons. Since 2009 he plays the saxophone with his teacher Anatoliy Yaichuk. In 2012 he was in the children and young people “Jazz Time” competition and get the 2nd prize. In 2013 he was at the International Festival-competition “We are together” competition, where the first Place won. Pavel gladly participates in various regional and international music events and has already appeared on the stage from the Belarus National Theatre and the Philharmonic. He performs as a soloist, in a duet or orchestra. His dream is to play with the famous Russian saxophonist Igor Butman.

Junior Bigband (D, Leipzig)
Junior Bigband

Junior Bigband

The newest and youngest big band in Leipzig is probably the Junior Jazz Pop Academy of Music School “Johann Sebastian Bach”. It was founded in September 2011 and is headed by Andreas Wendland.

Trumpets: Arthur bud (14), Darius Busch (15), Hans Wohlfarth (15), John Weichelt (15)
Saxophone: Maxie Richter (13), Emily T. Franz (13), Gabriel Kornishin (15), Corvin Walter (15), Gabriel tube (15)
Piano: Hans Kieswetter (14)
Guitar: Leonid Prohskin 15 years
Bass: Jan Heinrich Rieckmann (12), Christian Hartung (12)
Drum: Markus Biniok (12), Constantin Soon (14)

Deichstadtkids (D, Neuwied am Rhein)


Since the year 2012, the Deichstadtkids have been performing at the music school of the city of Neuwied on the Rhine, between Koblenz and Cologne. The band consists of a total of ten children aged 12 to 15 years.
The supervisor/music teacher is Mr. Oleg Beljak.

Our band consists of: Drums, keyboard, trombone, two trumpets, three saxophones alto and bass guitar.
Our repertoire ranges from the jazzy Christmas Medley to classic jazz tunes, such as “Water Melon Man” by Herbie Hancock.

Kotryna & Arturas (Litauen, Vilnius)
Kotryna & Arturas

Kotryna & Arturas

Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė (14) and Artūras Daunys (15) are students of Balys Dvarionas music school in Vilnius, Lithuania. Individually as well as in the duet they have already participated in numerous national and international festivals and competitions. Among the Kaliningrad City Jazz, the Junior Euro Song Contest as well as the Lithuanian TV series “Vunderkindai”. You play alongside jazz and rock, pop and folk.

Westsidechillers (D, Delmenhorst)


Westsidechillers – that’s 15 children and adolescents aged 10 to 16, who together make groovy music call. The big band was launched in the fall of 2010 at the Music School Delmenhorst, a small town near Bremen in life where they regularly rehearses under the direction of Annett Becker Edert. After yet to seventh on the stage were the first race, the Westsidechillers are grown to twice its size.

Malte Bröning, 12, bass, Jonas Broda, 11, drums, Arthur Belousov, 16, piano, Julian Frerichs, 12, trumpet, Lars Turwitt, 10, trumpet, Tobias Westermann, 12, tenor horn, Till Stommel, 13, trombone, Hanna Kroll, 14, soprano sax, Paul Göddertz, 13, alto sax, Nina Dombrowski, 14, alto sax, Dennis Marcov, 14, tenorsax, Birte Riekers, 13, tenorsax, Luan Dinh, 15, baritone saxophone, Melissa Tan, 16, flute, Marlo Mayer, 13 flute,

SAW Band (D, Salzwedel)
SAW Band

SAW Band

The SAW band has been founded in early 2013 at the music school Salzwedel. The members are:

Tilmann Bieber, (13), soprano sax, Hannes Zörner, (13) Piano and Konrad Kindermann, (10) drum set.
In the competition “Youth Jazz” Sachsen-Anhalt in 2013 they reached a second Price.

Marimba Ensemble
Marimba Ensemble

Marimba Ensemble

The Percussion ensemble “Marimba” was created in 2011 in the children’s music school named after Gliera in Kaliningrad, Russia. An interesting feature of this ensemble is that there are only girls playing in it. The ensemble successfully plays not only jazz music, but also classic and modern music as well. Marimba is the winner of international contests in Lithuania -“Olimpo Musikale” in 2011, ” IV International contest instrumental ensembles Jeromiro Kacinsko” in 2013, in Russia-” Don Chento Jazz” in 2011/ 2012/ 2013. They also participated in regional contests like “Camerale” in 2011/ 2012/ 2013, “Hear Us, Sea!” in 2012 and in “Contest of instrumental ensembles” in 2012.

what do you think of this years lineup?


The 2014 Kis Jazz L.E. Festival are €4.00 for children under 16 and €8.00 for adults. There are optional workshops available on site throughout the festival period and these cost 10 € per day and should be booked in advance. Instuction for the workshops are all led by internationally recognized jazz musicians and music educators.

Please help secure the future of this event by sharing on your social media channels. It only takes 2 seconds and with your support we can increase exposure of the event, boost ticket sales, attract more festival-goers and organize better festivals for the future. We need your support, if you can, please help. Thank you.

Workshop Details

08/03/2014 instrumental and Bandworkshop

Location: University of Music and Theatre, Dittrichring 21, 04109 Leipzig.
Time: 9am to 3:30pm
Contact: Anne Mettke

There is a lunch break in which all workshop participants to be fed .

03/09/2014 Bandworkshop

Location: University of Music and Theatre, Dittrichring 21, 04109 Leipzig.
Time: 10am to 12:30pm
Contact: Anne Mettke

* This workshop is only for children who have already taken part in the previous day.

The combined bands play at 2pm on the big festival stage.

Lecturers of the instrumental and band workshops of 2014

  • Govinda Abbott (trumpet)
  • Prof. Ralf Schrabbe (piano
  • Heiko Jung (drums)
  • Fiete wax Holtz (drums)
  • Junecoco (Vocal)
  • Matthias Eichhorn (bass)
  • Crizz Düsenberg (guitar)
  • Volker Dahm (saxophone)
  • January Grepling (flute, clarinet, saxophone)
  • Sascha Steadman (piano)
  • Thomas Prokein (violin)
  • Antonio Lucaciu (saxophone)
  • Matthias Büttner (trombone , trumpet)
  • David Timm (piano)

Interview with Reiko Brockelt

Recently Festival Archive was lucky enough to ask Reiko Brockelt, festival founder, a few questions about this years festival. Here’s what he had to say:

The Kids Jazz is now in its 5th year which is a brilliant achievement and one you must be proud of. Can you tell us how long you have been working with the festival and give a little history as to how you made your way into your current position?

6 years ago I had the idea of initiating a jazz festival for children. Together with 6 other people we founded a non-profit association and started planning the first festival. Within the following years we achieved a steadily growing event that enjoys more and more popularity. We are still only 8 people in our association.

Many people would think that planning a festival would be an ideal job but I can imagine that it must be fraught with stresses and complications. During your role within the festival what do you find to be the most challenging aspects of your job?

It is a role you have to grow in. As it is the 5th time, there is already some routine in organizing the festival. Still, one of the most challenging aspects each time is to gather enough financial support.

The lineup for the Kids Jazz has not yet been officially released, are you able to give us any clues or hints as to who we might be able to expect in 2014?

There will be brilliant young bands from Germany, Lithuania, Belarus, the Ukraine and Russia. Some will be so good that if you close your eyes you will image professional jazz musicians playing.

View rest of Interview...

It’s always been a great mystery to me as to how the festival handles act selection. Are there specific criteria that artists have to meet? Are acts selected purely on talent and performance alone or do your gut instincts and emotions come into play when making decisions? Also, who has the final say as to who performs (if there is just one artistic visionary?!)?

First of all we select bands by quality. An important thing though is to give young musicians a chance and to motivate them for their musical path. The association has the last decision.

Can you tell us a little about your favorite moments of the past 2013 Kids Jazz?

Their were very good compositions but also instruments unusual in Jazz like the french horn

Are there any programs/clinics, educational or otherwise, that run alongside the Kids Jazz? If people wished to participate in any of them what is the best way for them to find out some more information?

We organize two days of workshops with renowned jazz musicians. Next to the participants who can participate for free, there is the possibility for children from “outside” to apply. The workshop bands will perform on the last day of the festival. All informations are available via email or on our website

The festival has now been around for a while, how do you strive to make each year better than the last and where do you see the festival in 10 years?

We are trying each year to expand our range of action in order to reach more popularity for us and for children in jazz. We hope that in ten years this will be achieved and that support for children in jazz is taken for granted.

Organising any festival takes incredible skill, team-work, coordination and dedication. Outside of your direct festival planning team (who seem to do an outstanding job by the way!) is there any person or groups of people you would like to especially thank for their help in making the festival a success?

We are thankful for everyone offering us financial support. We are also thankful for the concert hall offered by the MDR and the workshop rooms offered by the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Leipzig as well as many other supporters.

What is the biggest marketing challenge you face when trying to spread the word about the festival? Are there any particular avenues or strategies you have focused on that have led to noticeably good results?

It is always difficult and we are still looking for the best way to spread the word. We see though that youTube was good to recruit international participants

For people wishing to help out at the festival this year round can you please tell them a little about any volunteer opportunities you offer or other ways they can help?

We are happy about accommodation offers and financial help. It is always possible to help out on location (coordination, etc.)

What would be your best advice for somebody visiting the festival for the very first time?

If you’re a professional: don’t be sad if a child plays better than you!

Can you give an estimate for your predicted turnout/attendance rate for the 2014 Kids Jazz?

around 800 people

And finally, who are your personal all-time favorite jazz performers?

Cannonball Adderley, Miles Davis, George Grunz…

We would like to thank Reiko and his partner Anne for taking time out of their busy schedule to answer our questions, we wish you the best of luck with this years festival and hope to see you there next year!

– Paul & The Festival Archive Team

If you require any further information on this festival or would like to leave a message for others then please use the comments section below.

NB. You also find photo gallerieslive festival newstransport information in the tabbed section below. All festival listings are changing continuously, check back regularly.

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